Best Fishing Times

Picking the Right Time to go Fishing

There are a lot of things that come together to produce a excellent day or night of fishing. Rarely will all the stars line up and give you the perfect fishing experience. But the more of these influences you can have in your favor the better your odds. Experience and time out on the water will be your best teacher when it comes to picking the optimal time to grab that rod and reel and head out.

Ask around and you will find many opinions on what are the best conditions for going after a particular kind of catch but find an old timer, someone who you see out a lot and that will be your best chance for getting the right information. They usually have a wealth of valuable information that cannot be gleaned from a book, website or other source because they are living it.

lightning over lakeIt helps to know what the various factors that can make or break your next fishing outing. By paying attention to weather conditions and other influences  you can start to gain your own bit of knowledge that will guide you and that you can someday pass down to someone less experienced than you who is seeking the knowledge and information you possess.

Seasonal Differences

As you have already deduced if you have spent anytime at all fishing seasonal conditions will affect what you catch and how much you catch. Early morning especially in the springtime you might not have much luck. Of course this varies with the region but normally at this time of the year temperatures are usually a bit cool and with the sun not hitting the water directly this has not given the water a chance to warm up and the fish are liable to be sluggish and not biting as well as they will once the weather warms up. Best to watch a little longer into spring before making that first cast. Of course waiting a couple of hours or into the afternoon may bring a change of luck. If the temperature has managed to warm up nicely then evening might be a good time to try your luck.


Summer early morning fishing is a whole different ballgame the fishing first thing on a chilly spring morning. This is a good time to cast your line as the fish are usually hungry and looking for a meal. Of course the fish aren’t the only thing that is active. Other creatures and insects of the water world are also moving about so you are going to have some competition. This is why it is so important to pick the correct live bait or other to make sure you give yourself the best chance for success. In the afternoon especially if the temperature has heated up the fish might be down in the depths cooling off. But don’t give up hope yet and head home. As the day draws to a close with cooling temperatures and shadows casting themselves across the water you may find the fish returning for one last bite before night falls.

Fall time usually signals the beginning of cooler temperatures so you may have the same scenario as early springtime. The different angles with which the sun hits the waters make it for the most part a difficult time to fish. As the day progress’s you may find your luck changing. If not take a short nap and throw in again in the late afternoon to evening. This is possibly your greatest chance for success as the water has heated up the sun is still visible in the sky and the fish are chomping at the bit for a meal. With winter coming on getting as much food as possible becomes increasingly important for the fish. If you plan on doing any fishing in the midwest visit Kansas Fishing License And Permits for a more regional tone on these factors and the area reports at the time.

Variations in water temperature

Not many things will affect a fish more than the water temperature in which they live. Water temperature extremes are what you want to avoid if at all possible. To much heat and the fish will hang out in the depths to stay cool. Cold winter water temperatures especially in small ponds, rivers and shallow lakes can also make the fish become inactive. The problem with water temperature variations lies in the fact that since fish are cold blooded they are unable to regulate their internal body temperatures as humans or other warm blooded animals do. Plus when there are extreme temperatures oxygen levels in the water become lower forcing the fish to conserve their energy. Keeping this information in mind will help you in selecting fishing times and days that are the most conducive to success.

Sensitivity to light

The preparation for many fishing trips begins even before the sun has risen. Getting to your favorite fishing spot at a decent hour can increase your chances of a successful haul of fish. In the late morning as the waters begin to warm up fish will become more activity in their search for their next meal. As the sun begins to beat down on you and the water fish will begin looking a cool dark place. If you are still intent on fishing in the middle of the day don’t use the same baiting methods or shallow water lures that you had success with in the morning. As the fish have moved deeper try experimenting with other types of lures or bait that will entice them to come up for a nibble. Know how fish will react to varying degrees of temperature and light will help you in your quest to have a successful catch.

Other Weather Conditions To Be Considered

Wind can play an important role in your fishing success. Casting into the wind is something that is know by experienced fishermen. Wind interacts with warm water displacing bits of food near the surface. The fish then follow and enjoy their next meal. By mimicking the actions of water is going on in the water you stand a better chance of your lure or bait blending in and appearing natural. On a boat find a shoreline that is partially sheltered and cast into it.

Storms, cloudy days and rain can all affect fish behavior and are conditions in addition to the above wind that you should take into account when planning your next fishing expedition. Fish that are biting at a frenzied pace may altogether stop when a cold front moves through. On the other hand a day in winter when the temperatures warm up nicely may start the fish to biting again. Cloudy or misty days will likely find fish venturing out and about away from their normal environment as they search for food. These conditions also benefit the angler in that they tend to obscure what is above the surface of the water making it less likely that the fish will be aware of your presence.



Captain Johhny Reveals His Favorite fishing Holes

Captain JohhnyWhat with the new technology out and about Captain Johhny is about to spill his secrets on The Captain is more at ease out on the open water than in front of a computer screen but we must all learn to adapt and that is what the good Captain intends to do. If he fails he plans to go down with his ship but he has a sinking (no pun intended) suspicion that he can pull this off. No more swapping fish stories at the end of the day over drinks at his favorite local watering hole.

Oh No. Keeping checking in for his latest fishing foray and see what pearls of wisdom he will bestow on you. The Captain would like to wish you a safe and profitable fishing season. One that is filled  much happiness, love and as much satisfaction as life can give. Enjoy the love of family and friends and remember to always leave the open water and everything else you come into contact with and little better for you having been there. Until next time. Ahoy Matey!