Captain Johhny Reveals His Favorite fishing Holes

Captain JohhnyWhat with the new technology out and about Captain Johhny is about to spill his secrets on The Captain is more at ease out on the open water than in front of a computer screen but we must all learn to adapt and that is what the good Captain intends to do. If he fails he plans to go down with his ship but he has a sinking (no pun intended) suspicion that he can pull this off. No more swapping fish stories at the end of the day over drinks at his favorite local watering hole.

Oh No. Keeping checking in for his latest fishing foray and see what pearls of wisdom he will bestow on you. The Captain would like to wish you a safe and profitable fishing season. One that is filled  much happiness, love and as much satisfaction as life can give. Enjoy the love of family and friends and remember to always leave the open water and everything else you come into contact with and little better for you having been there. Until next time. Ahoy Matey!


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